Ownership of Data & AI Evolutions in Surveys, with Cormac Kelly

Episode 107

Cormac Kelly is the Senior Director of Customer Success for global industry leaders SurveyMonkey. In this episode, we talk about the evolution of Surveys, AI’s aid for the employee & customer experience as well as the ad’s that SurveyMonkey has created.

Episode 107


Episode Summary


Cormac walks us through the B2B use cases within surveys & how businesses can better deal with enterprise customers. We also dive into the support function & the evolution of the CX landscape in surveys. Surveys are rising tools that help companies look at different touch points of the customer journey, the product cycle as well as helping better understand employees.

In this episode, we talk about AI & the proactive vs reactive use cases. He talks about the ultimate artificial intelligence goals as well as the mistakes companies make when integrating AI into processes.

SurveyMonkey’s research team states that 57% of people still use ChatGPT for entertainment, which tells us how new the application is within the market.

“The ultimate goal for AI is to make life simpler for their customers & employees.”


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This article summarises podcast episode 106 "Ownership of Data & AI Evolutions in Surveys" recorded by CX Insider.

Written by Octavian Iotu