Future Regulations in the Cannabis Industry, with Simon Erridge

Episode 106

Simon Erridge is the Research Director of Curaleaf, a clinic that helps eligible patients with affordable plant medicine care. In this episode, we dive into patient experiences, the limitations this medicine receives from UK regulations as well as the future of the medication.

Episode 105


Episode Summary


Simon tells us about the hardships that Curaleaf go through with prescribing the medicine to its patients. With 18,000 psychiatrists available in the UK, there are only 500 pain specialists in the UK. And once the prescription is approved it can only be sent out physically with no electronic / digital alternatives available. However, he also tells us about the efficient product delivery that patients experience, with their application traclomg the prescription: From when it gets written, the delivery to the pharmacy, all the way to the prescription reaching the user. How is the industry looking to evolve? Find out more in this episode.

“It’s almost like Uber for Medical Cannabis in some way”

Simon walks us through the industry regulations, discussing the goals and aspirations he wishes to see when it comes to the industry’s innovations as well as the barriers they face (Blue Guides set in place by the HMRA).


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This article summarises podcast episode 106 "Patient Experiences & Future Regulations in the Cannabis Industry" recorded by CX Insider.

Written by Octavian Iotu