Perfecting the Human Experience in a World of AI, with John Sills

Episode 102

John Sills is the Managing Partner at The Foundation & Author of “The Human Experience”. In this episode, we look at CX success stories, advancements of AI as well as the balance of the functional & human experience.

Episode 102


Episode Summary


In this episode, we dive into John Sill’s book “The Human Experience”, discussing the extensive research & case studies he has gathered as well as the myths that John Sills believes impact the customer experience today.

“Studies suggest that AI can improve the overall customer experience and accuracy for new members by 20%”

We also look at real life examples of good and bad management, from Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal to Brendon McCullum’s England Cricket Team. John discusses the distrust for businesses that people now face, and the impact that short-term CEO tenures have on the way companies function and operate.


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This article summarises podcast episode 102 "Perfecting the Human Experience in a World of AI" recorded by CX Insider.

Written by Octavian Iotu