Preparing Customer Service for the Holiday Season, with Ty Givens

Episode 99

Ty Givens is the CEO & Founder of CX Colective, a company that specialises in providing implementation advice and services. In this podcast episode we look at the importance of honesty when interacting with customers, how to handle order issues during the holiday season and the journey Ty has gone through with CX Collective and their projects.

Episode 96


Episode Summary

In this episode, Ty shares her experiences directing operations through the CX Collective, as well as touching on the departmental communications and alignments that are crucial to reduce backlogs within organisations.

“The head of CX should have standing operational updates with specific and key team members… Understand the marketing objectives alongside the capacity of your fulfillment team and have a plan to proactively communicate with anyone whose order is delayed.”

In addition to Ty sharing her steps to efficiently handle holiday season preparations, she also discusses the usage of AI when handling customer queries, diving into the importance of honesty within the chatbots.

“Don’t hide that it’s a bot, answer the questions the same way a rep would answer the question, and also have an out. If the customer wants to talk to someone, let them"

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This article summarises podcast episode 99 "Preparing Customer Service for the Holiday Season" recorded by CX Insider.

Written by Octavian Iotu