The Reality Behind Brand Loyalty, with Ed Deason

Episode 85

Ed Deason is the Head of Customer Experience for cycling and outdoor fitness retailer Wiggle Chain Reaction. As an avid cyclist and CX enthusiast, it's safe to say he's living his dream role. In this episode, we unpack how his experiences with leading customers can benefit the CX of countless others.

Episode 85


Episode Summary

Ed has worked in various industries, from Royal Caribbean Cruises to Explore Worldwide and Pret a Manger. What do those companies have in common? Brand loyalty. Whether that takes form through a devoted customer who uses the same travel agency 100 hundred times, or a revolutionary coffee subscription service that disrupted the London cafe scene after the COVID-19 pandemic, wherever Ed has worked, great CX has followed.

But how and why do those brands represent high loyalty? What similarities and differences can be found between their operating models, and what works best for growing brand communities? Are certain channels superior for delivering CX excellence? The answers may not be what you think. Tune in to the podcast now to find out.


This article summarises podcast episode 85 "The Reality Behind Brand Loyalty" recorded by CX Insider. For more information, listen to the episode, or contact Ed on his LinkedIn profile.

Written by Marcell Debreceni