The Sustainable Banking Dilemma, with Estrella Moya

Episode 93

Estrella Moya is the Head of Marketing for Triodos Bank. In this podcast episode, we expand on what it takes to be a truly sustainable bank, diving into the financing dilemmas that Triodos faces in its quest for a brighter future.

Episode 93


Episode Summary

Estrella discusses Triodos’ financial process, explaining how businesses are selected or excluded based on their sustainability model, which is built on three pillars: social, environmental, and cultural. She urges other banks to adopt these pillars for them to create a stronger foundation in sustainability.

In this podcast, we highlight four ways that banks can become more sustainable. The environmental transition, the cultural transition, the societal transition, and the resource transition. These four transitions guide Triodos into financing projects that are ‘green’ and ‘clean’ within different initiatives.

Proactive banks aligning with the three pillars and four transitions can make a lasting positive impact on communities, and create a greater world for all.

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This article summarises podcast episode 93 "The Sustainable Banking Dilemma" recorded by CX Insider.

Written by Octavian Iotu