Tom Darnell: Audio Quality - An Overlooked Piece of the CX Puzzle

Episode 86

Tom Darnell is the Chief Operating Officer of IRIS Audio Technologies. In this episode, we discuss how and why the often-overlooked element of audio quality can be critical to providing satisfactory experiences for your customers and employees, alongside the negative impacts of neglecting audio.

Episode 86


Episode Summary

As technology and consumer psychology have evolved side by side, one aspect that links the two together has become somewhat overlooked in everyday life. Audio. Specifically, audio quality. In the past few decades, digital media has accelerated to the point of providing faster, more accessible content anywhere, anytime. But what effect does this have on our brains?

IRIS recently released a whitepaper on their findings, highlighting dire correlations between audio quality and both customer and employee experience, specifically in the call centre industry. Their research shows that there is a strong neurological connection between the sounds our ears consume and the way we feel, and therefore think, act and buy - more than you'd probably expect.

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This article summarises podcast episode 86 "Audio Quality: An Overlooked Piece of the CX Puzzle" recorded by CX Insider. For more information, listen to the episode, or contact Tom on his LinkedIn profile.

Written by Marcell Debreceni