Using Lean Six Sigma to Enhance Banking, with Annie Mamigonians

Episode 96

Annie Mamigonians is consultant that specialises in lean principles and customer experience. In this podcast episode we look at the drawbacks of automation, employee opportunities, hygiene factors and the application of lean to the banking industry.

Episode 96


Episode Summary

In this episode, Annie outlines the Lean Six Sigma principles, a methodology that is renowned for its process optimisation and waste reduction capabilities. Her extensive experience in engineering, pharmaceuticals and financial services has helped her truly understand what a customer needs. 

“It’s important to go and experience first-hand rather than digesting metrics and reports.”

In addition to Annie sharing her Lean Six Sigma Expertise, she also emphasises the critical role of leadership within companies. Effective leadership fosters environments where employees feel empowered to voice ideas and concerns. Her approach combines lean principles with strong leadership to enhance customer experiences and operational efficiency in the banking sector.


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This article summarises podcast episode 96 "How Lean Six Sigma Enhances the Banking Experience, with Annie Mamigonians" recorded by CX Insider.

Written by Octavian Iotu