Why is Patient Experience Overlooked, with Katie Bowden

Episode 95

Katie Bowden is the Service Design and Delivery Director of NEXA. In this podcast episode we look at negative patient experiences and the impact they can have in healthcare world, while looking at the innovations that service design can have to the patient’s journey.

Episode 95


Episode Summary

In this episode, Katie's commitment to prioritising patient experience in healthcare is highlighted. Her and NEXA empathise with patients, drawing from their own experiences in waiting areas to find solutions. We explore the importance of addressing all pain-points along the patient journey, with a story shared aiming to bring awareness of the harsh waiting experience that patients can have.

“We’re treating the patient as a whole and not just the conditions that the patient has separately”

Service Design is revealed as a way to improve healthcare services, making them efficient, effective, user-friendly, and aligned with patient needs. Despite challenges, companies like NEXA aim to create a patient-centred environment, emphasising service design and preventative care to enhance health outcomes and reduce the need for intensive medical interventions.


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This article summarises podcast episode 95 "Why is Patient Experience Overlooked, with Katie Bowden" recorded by CX Insider.

Written by Octavian Iotu