ACF Partners With Q-nomy To Create Better Customer Experiences

Asheville, NC: ACF Technologies announced today that it has extended its long-standing partnership with Q-nomy Inc. and its commitment to developing the Q-Flow platform. In addition to providing organizations with a single platform for customer experience management, the partnership will also allow the company to invest more in its current Q-Flow product integrations and accelerate the growth of ACF's customer experience solutions.

“Since the inception of our partnership, ACF has played an influential role in developing the Q-Flow Platform,’ said Jan Opalka, co-founder and CEO at ACF. “We listen to our customer's needs and pass that information back to the Q-nomy development team. They’ve used our input to evolve a series of products into a robust customer experience platform."

ACF will continue to leverage the Q-Flow Platform across its global customer base, providing Q-nomy with valuable insight into customer needs, security requirements and industry standards. As the customer-facing party, the company aims to:

  • Capture the evolving needs of customers from diverse markets

  • Contribute to building an open system capable of integrating with 3rd party and business systems

  • Ensure the adherence to local industry standards and security policies.

“ACF Technologies is Q-nomy's oldest business partner. For nearly a decade and a half their teams in North, Central and South America have been working with us, helping us improve our products and successfully deploying our solutions to a wide range of organizations,” said Eran Reuveni, Executive VP at Q-nomy. “I am confident that ACF would continue to expand and collaborate with us to deliver Q-Flow solutions to many more customers.”

About ACF Technologies Inc

ACF Technologies helps organizations improve customer experiences using queue management, appointment scheduling, wayfinding and
machine learning technologies. By integrating these technologies into existing business systems, organizations can access real-time insights into customer journeys, and use this information to improve customer experiences. Based in Asheville, NC, ACF Technologies customer experience solutions can be found at


About Q-nomy Inc

Q-nomy is a leading software vendor providing solutions that optimize true omnichannel digital and physical business processes and customer journeys. Q-nomy helps global household name customers to perform better by streamlining the customer journey in physical and online points of sale, service and care. Q-nomy has offices in North America and the UK, and has over 1200 installations in five continents in retail, healthcare, telco, finance, education and government organizations.