Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does your solution require any proprietary hardware?

ACF does not require the use of any proprietary hardware. Using “off-the-shelf” hardware provides benefits to our customers by:
• Lowering costs through virtually unlimited options
• Always having the latest technology available developed by the experts in their field
• Allowing our customers the freedom to choose and not be locked in to one supplier
We do offer the option to purchase required hardware directly from ACF as a convenience for those looking to purchase the entire solution as a package.


2. Can you integrate with any of my current programs?

ACF offers an open architecture solution. We have integrated with various other programs such as customer databases, websites, and other software at the request of our customers. We are always open to integration with other software programs that will benefit your overall solution.


3. Does your system provide any reporting?

Absolutely! At ACF, we believe reporting is a key element in improving your customer flow process. In addition to our standard reports available with every solution, we provide our customers with a dictionary that provides our customers with the information needed to create their own historical reports. What is better than that? Real time reporting! ACF offers real time dashboards that empower our customers to make immediate, informed decisions based on the current needs.


4. What if I need help using your system?

ACF provides training to staff members during each and every installation. Afterwards, if a question arises, we have a fully staffed support team waiting for your call or email to help guide you through any user or maintenance questions.
Support: Phone: 828-398-0040 and Email Address:


5. How will one system used in healthcare, government, education, and retail fit my needs?

ACF does not offer a single box system. We provide a solution to each and every customer dependent upon their specific needs. Call to a counter? We do that. Queue for multiple services? We do that. Flow/move my customer through the entire process? That’s our specialty! Contact us for help with a solution for your specific needs.

Phone: 828-398-0040


6. Where can I purchase your product?

ACF sells our solutions direct to the customer. This allows us to work closer with our customers to gain a better understanding of their needs. We are also able to provide more competitive pricing using a direct to market model.