6 Ways AI Can Make Customer Feedback More Actionable

In 1827, Lewis Carroll published a sequel to his most famous novel called Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There. In this story, the Red Queen tells Alice, “Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!” In the world of business, no other statement has proven to be more accurate. However, there is a difference between working hard and working smart. You can run twice as fast and die from exhaustion, or you can use means to accelerate your pace and win the race. Ask yourself then, is artificial intelligence the right tool? The following article summarizing key points from the latest CX Insider podcast episodes may help you find the answer.


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Data from unprompted customer feedback is a goldmine to organisations

Since the dawn of our civilisation, peoples’ desire to become omniscient has been expressed in classical literature, philosophy and various religions. Although artificial intelligence does not give you the ability to be all-knowing in all spheres across the universe and beyond, it allows you to watch and track every mention of you on the internet. In other words, AI is the all-knowing entity in the digital world.

Moreover, unprompted feedback enables the customer to express themselves in their own time and convenience fully. Companies should also listen to the customer via different platforms rather than sending surveys and questionnaires with a rigid structure.

Use benchmarking to gain a competitive advantage

If you use customer feedback to find out how customers perceive your brand, why not use AI to do the same about your competitor? AI collects raw data from the internet which is publicly accessible to anyone.

Create better insights with sentiment analysis

Customer experience is about how your customer feels during all stages of their journey. The concept of a rational customer has been abandoned for a long time. Eventually, it is the memories and emotions that count. Today, you can identify and analyse such subjective information and turn bad experiences into meaningful relationships.

Collect your customers’ breadcrumbs from every channel

Nowadays, having an omnichannel customer journey is a must. However, first, there was demand, then there was supply. The omnichannel advocates often overlook that this strategy was created for omnichannel customers. They leave their breadcrumbs on channels you might not even have access to. Therefore, having a tool to collect these breadcrumbs such as a review on TripAdvisor, comment on Instagram or post on Facebook, can give you a better overview of your brand reputation.

Call centre agents will get superpowers

Save time by giving your agents AI tools to find the root of an issue as soon as possible. Artificial Intelligence processes speech and gives you the immediate answer for your customer’s request while the customer is still explaining the issue on a phone. 

AI is non-stop available

An instant messaging platform like chatbots offer the ability to answer your customer's request 24/7. Considering the pace with which technology is improving, it is sometimes merely impossible to recognise whether they talk to a real person or a robot. 

This article summarises key points of CX Insider podcast episodes called An Introduction to AI in Customer Feedback (part 1 & 2). The episodes were recorded with AI experts Chhavi Singh  and Fabrice Martin. For more information, listen to thepodcast on your preferred channel.

Written by Valentina Svobodova


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